About Us

Ewuraba Nyamekye's Foundation is a Non-Governmental and Not-profit humanitarian organization duly registered under the laws of Ghana

Our Mission

The mission of Ewuraba Nyamekye's Foundation herein referred to as what we stand for shall remain yto assist prisoners and orphanages in the country.

Our Goals

The goal of the foundation will be expand opportunities that reduce vulnerability and improve human dignity for the poor people in Ghana especially the orphans. To also assist prisoners by providing some from of support through donations to the inmates that will lead to greater beneficts to their communities and the nation as a whole.

The project objectives

  • Sponsoring the education of needy orphans
  • Counselling and educating the inmates in various prisons in the country
  • Providing for the needs of the inmates as well as orphans
  • Training of orphans in areas such as sewing, hairdressing, catering and the producting of local soap.
  • Building of orphanage.